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Custom made textiles and fabrics for designers and producers. Specialists on private labels. WE PRINT ON FABRICS.

We can produce any textiles based on your requests in mass scale. Specialists for printed fabrics and home textiles.

YES WE PRODUCE FACE MASKS. But just quality ones, both plain or with beautiful designs. If thats ok for you just let us know. 

Do you need cotton or polyester fabrics with colorful designs or patterns?

We are here for you... Able to print on cotton sateen, twill, canvas, viscose, linen, silk, sateen, etc.


WE PRINT DESIGNS on fabrics. Select our design or give us yours.

We are specialists on printing on fabrics. Cotton or polyester, fabrics for clothes or home textiles.  Most modern printing technology in-house. Let us know what you need and we will make it for you. We can print your designs. Prices starting on 5 EUR per meter.

Are you searching for the RIGHT FABRIC for your product? We have it for you.

Clothes or Home textiles? Cotton or polyester? We have fabrics on stock and large supplier network. Reach us and tell us what fabrics do you need. We will get it for you and print it with desired design.

Want to have product with YOUR DESIGN?

Searching for a gift for your family or business partner? Do you want to produce your own product with own design? Do you need to promote your company with products with your logo? We are specialists on private labels and can help with development of your product, we have already plenty in portfolio.  



We are Czech based company with passion for design and creative products. We are keen to help designers and producers to grow their business and brands. We can help with prints on fabrics, design, supplying and finding the right fabric or produce in big scale. 

Do not hesitate and reach us in case of any questions, we will be happy to help.

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